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After water, iced tea is the world’s most popular summertime drink, pleasing adults and children alike. It helps cool the body in high heat, keeps you hydrated and is full of the same health benefits as hot tea.

Of course, a glass of iced tea also counts towards your suggested daily consumption of 6 – 10 cups of water, depending on mass and metabolism. Containing varying amounts of caffeine, iced tea is also a useful source of energy.

Children love iced tea and it is significantly healthier than pop or other commercial beverages. There are no artificial colors, preservatives or extenders to wonder about! Any caffeine is totally natural and found in amounts significantly less than most commercial soft drinks. Green iced tea drinks have significantly less caffeine than the ones made from black tea.

Unsweetened tea has no calories, and the calories of a sweetened tea are entirely up to you. Iced tea can be sweetened in the same way as hot tea.

While stevia and other zero-calorie herbs can be used as sweeteners, they bring their own distinctive herbal taste to a tea. Which is fine if you don’t mind it and especially if you are drinking tea for its health benefits. Most of the people at Turtle Island Organic Teas choose organic natural sugars such as local honey, raw brown sugar or local fruit juice.

Turtle Island Organic teas are well suited for iced tea. The traditional method in the West is to brew the tea of your choice as you would for a hot drink and let cool naturally at room temperature. Pouring hot tea over ice is quick and easy, but it wastes a lot of energy.

For iced tea as with hot tea, we recommend filtering your tap water to remove chlorine and other pollutants. Water, which comes in plastic bottles, is not generally recommended. Choose glass if it is available.

Our favorite brewing method, called Sun Tea, only requires that you place tea and water in a clear glass container for 3 - 4 hours directly in the sun. Brewing is done when the infusion reaches the brewed color and taste you are accustomed to. If made this way after breakfast Sun Tea can be enjoyed at lunchtime.

This brewing method is especially suitable and fun with children, as the jar needs to be kept moving, to stay directly in the sun. Sun Tea is especially practical for summer camping and outings. Sun Tea can also be used at home on a regular basis to save energy; an educational point your environmentally-conscious children will really take notice of.


* After tea is brewed, add your choice of organic, locally-produced fruit juice. In Canada we can use mostly local apple, grape or peach juice for instance, for natural sweetness.

* Iced-tea popsicles are healthier and much cheaper than commercial products and kids love them! Add organic berry fruit for color and fun.

* For really colorful iced tea, try adding berry fruit to your ice cubes for an eye-catching presentation.



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